Supernatural Road Warriors: A Chiller's Original

Second Episode Summary

It looked so innocuous, sitting there in all it’s browness. The group of three buildings bearing the name The Vent House didn’t look so scary on the outside, but according to Lilly it was definitely a ripe portal to hell on the inside.

Your mission was to find Fats and Lulu, the two dummies (is that PC?) rumored to be haunted, and see if you could get film of them moving. Boy, did you! No really, did you get any of that on film? ldk. Ydk, either.

There was a little exploration and a few jump scares. But nothing had prepare you for what went down. The pitter-patter of little wooden feet. The strange shadows. No big deal. The attack of Lucy sounds like the title of some overly dramatic made for TV after-school special. But that dummy came out of the dark, skittering across the wooden floors, and bit the crap out of Lucy’s calf.

Doyle and Lilly managed to shoot it, ending it’s existence in a shower of pine splinters.

Any details I’ve left off, please let me know and I’ll add them.


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