The Vent House

Your show email DINGS and here you have:


You have just entered the second of ten locations for the show. Remember, you won’t get paid unless you complete the entire season and there will be STUNTS and BONUS MONEY available on THIS episode for sure.

The lead on tonight’s show is Mr. Beckett Good luck, Dimon!

When you arrive at the address another email will follow with instructions. Remember, no personal cell phones and you must document your experience in the confessional. If not, we have to start subtracting money instead of adding it.

Remember to have fun. We’re watching!

Kelly K.

Cast you are about to enter the Vent House Museum, home to the largest collection of ventriloquist memorabilia in the world. Your job is to locate two dummies that are rumored to be haunted – Lulu and Fats – see if you get any readings off of them, and perhaps coax them into movement. Patrons.

Lulu once belonged to Jeffery Dauhmer as a child.

The Vent House

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