Show Rules

1. All personal cellphones and electronic equipment are to be turned into the producers.

2. All credit cards, debit cards, checks, et al will be secured in a safety deposit box with the phones until the end of episode 10.

3. All communications including those of a personal nature become property of the show.

4. Payment is $10,000 per episode paid upon completion of the 10th episode – plus any stunt or challenge money earned for personal use. Failure to appear in the episode will forfeit your payment for that episode and you will not be available for any challenge or stunt money earned by the cast for that episode.

5. Staying on schedule. Failure to keep to production schedule will result in the loss of money from the pay per episode for all cast members.
30 minutes to 6 hours late = – $2,500
6+ hours to 12 hours late = – $5,000
12+ hours to 18 hours late = -$7,500
18+ hours to 24 hours late -$10,000
Any later than this and the same schedule of loss applies to group and/or individual monies gained

6. Your image will be used for promotional items and advertisements without extra compensation.

7. You will be provided a NOPE card that can be used once this season and cannot be shared between cast members. Playing the card will not exclude you from the $10,000, but will not entitle you to the stunt or challenge money. However, playing this card will exclude the cast from earning any ALL PARTICIPATE money.


8. Sponsored products must appear in shots, be referred to, or featured in conversations.

9. When in public, do not denigrate the Chillers Network or its employees, your location or other locations you have visited as representative of the network, or any of our sponsors.

Show Rules

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