Northcott Ranch - The Truth

Just as you arrive in Mira Loma, the phones and laptop ding with a new email from the show.


You have just entered the first of ten locations for the show. Remember, you won’t get paid unless you complete the season and there will be STUNTS and BONUS MONEY available on THIS episode for sure.

The lead on tonight’s show is Ms. Vaughn. Good luck, Lucy!

When you arrive at the address another email will follow with instructions. Remember, no personal cell phones and you must document your experience in the confessional.

Have fun. We’re watching!

Kelly K.

The strip mall with the Toys R Us is not yr destination. u figured it out. Good. u have 30 minutes to clear out and make it to 6330 Wineville Rd. It’ll look like u reached a dead end. That’s where u leave the bus bcuz we’re not off roading in that expensive mofo. u will be traveling by foot to the house, yes, it’s still standing. Once there, enter the house and change into the 1930s clothing provided 4 u.

Northcott murdered 22 boys aged 7 to 13 on this property mere feet from where you stand. The things he admitted to doing were so heinous that the LA police department edited them for the general public. You won’t find the truth on wikipedia. Your job tonight is to coax one of those 22 boys to make himself known to you – and us if possible. What follows is a list of the boys’ names and some little fact we have gleaned.
1. David Reynolds – Taken on his way to play baseball at the park.
2. Walter Collins – Taken on his 9th birthday
3. Lewis Winslow (brothers) – Wanted to be a policeman
4. Nelson Winslow(brothers) – slept with Mr. Wiggles, his teddybear
5. Allen Timms – Lost his glasses when he was abducted
6. Bart Colins – Had just gotten a new puppy named Tank
7. Casey Brown – Loved sunflower seeds
8. Dwight Lowen – Always had a dirty face
9. Ellis Whitehead – Mom was expecting a new baby any day (Ruth)
10. Paul Franks – Wanted to be in the movies like Freddie Bartholomew
11. Ryan Miller – Collected cats eye marbles
12. Gus Graham – Kept a frog named WonderFrog at home
13. Lyle Ferguson – Probably had his skate key on him at the time of abduction
14. Mike Lewis – Looked out for his younger brother Tommy
15. Noel Reynolds – Had a grown up handkerchief with is initials on it
16. Vinny Wilcox – Carried pencil behind his ear
17. Dylan O’Quinn – Always forgot his cap on the porch at home
18. Oliver Pleasant – Deaf in one year, talked loud
19. Joe Green – Kept a deck of cards with him
20. Carl Roberts – Stole his dad’s pocket knife
21. Eddie Day – Had a blocky from fighting
22. James Johnson – Stuttered terribly and was shy

STUNT for $1000 Vial of the Nimrod’s blood
Draw symbol on the 3rd chicken coop
And take a photo with at least three of you in it. $1000 a piece

Everyone participates – $1000 a piece and $800 for the group card.

Northcott Ranch - The Truth

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