Supernatural Road Warriors: A Chiller's Original

Second Episode Summary

It looked so innocuous, sitting there in all it’s browness. The group of three buildings bearing the name The Vent House didn’t look so scary on the outside, but according to Lilly it was definitely a ripe portal to hell on the inside.

Your mission was to find Fats and Lulu, the two dummies (is that PC?) rumored to be haunted, and see if you could get film of them moving. Boy, did you! No really, did you get any of that on film? ldk. Ydk, either.

There was a little exploration and a few jump scares. But nothing had prepare you for what went down. The pitter-patter of little wooden feet. The strange shadows. No big deal. The attack of Lucy sounds like the title of some overly dramatic made for TV after-school special. But that dummy came out of the dark, skittering across the wooden floors, and bit the crap out of Lucy’s calf.

Doyle and Lilly managed to shoot it, ending it’s existence in a shower of pine splinters.

Any details I’ve left off, please let me know and I’ll add them.

On the first episode of Supernatural Road Warriors...

It should have been a dark and stormy night. Instead it was a hot and grasshoppery night.

You didn’t think the network would have fucked with a place like that. Not when the town went out of its way to change their name and give a false location of the murders. All hail the almighty ratings dollar.

First there was the oddness of everyone waking up with strangers and Denny’s and the showering lottery. Lucy got everyone to the Toys R Us without any trouble and that’s where we met Wanda, battery pack and all. Oh, Wanda! Lilly made the quick discovery that Wanda was a plant (not the leafy green sort) and was able to get the information that the old Northcott place was further down Wineville Road. Our resident medium was able to read and READ a list of 22 names and details to determine it was written by Captain J. J. Jones, the lead on the Northcott case.

With that, we were off the wilds of Wineville Road, leaving the bus and our Bigfoot hunter behind, to trudge the mile to the farm. One there, you noted the ramshackle house and 4o yard long chicken coop before changing into the 1930s clothing provided for you there.

Accounts may differ slightly.
There was a stump that made Warren jittery. There was a shadow that appeared. Children’s voices sang London Bridges from a hidden speaker. Bones were found near the sunflowers. Fake bones were found. And the shapes of 5 boys crossed into the light? Maybe.
And you painted a symbol on the chicken coop door at 1am that turned out to be a plug for Supernatural as the Chiller Network is about to start playing their reruns in syndication.

Upon returning to the bus, a photo was found on the table.

EARNED:$1000 each personal fund.
Earned: $800 for group fund.

On the last episode of Supernatural Road Warriors...

Introductions were made before the premiere party at the Youst. Alliances were made? Perhaps. Crazy flags flown? Perhaps. What we know for sure is that after the paid party goers and staff left, our fearless protags experienced a shared hallucination — or shared in a truly supernatural event that culminated in a photo with the word Wineville printed on the back. Or maybe it was just a neat trick of the special effects department.

We ended with our group boarding the tour bus bound for Mira Loma to see what happens next.

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