Lucy Vaughn


Born the only daughter and last child of Foster “FILO” Vaughn, owner of Vaughn Imports’ international locations, and much younger sister to Timothy and Robert Vaughn. Lucy has been kept from the family business by numerous boarding schools in Europe and brushed off by both big brothers after their father passed 6 months ago.

Nevertheless, Lucy used her family money and connections to acquire a certain set of skills not normally possessed by the old money debutantes. What those skills are though, you’d have to ask her.

She is a natural observer and easily slips into the background when she wants to go unnoticed, but god help you if you get her angry. Her destruction of ill-mannered roommates is a thing of legend at Bruton School for Girls and may have led to her transferring to Woldingham.

She looks familiar to most people. She has that face. Very few though recognize her from society pages from when she turned 18 and almost married into the royal family. An odd hunting accident left the 22 year old Louis Andrew Windsor a paraplegic and he passed soon afterwards. That was two years ago. And since then she’s kept out of the public eye – until now.

Lucy Vaughn

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