Dream Job or Nightmare?

You’ve been a part of your ghost hunter group for years now. Maybe even had some air time helping out T.A.P.S.or maybe you were the star of your very own YouTube channel. Either way, one of the producers at Chiller’s Network called you up and paid for your ticket to L.A. You made it through the three auditions and even the screen test.

You just signed up for an adventure in road tripping, ghost style. Traveling with others who have a background in the supernatural too, you get to see America together while finding evidence of ghosts. Or not. Maybe you can prove that ghosts don’t exist once and for all. Or maybe you’ll just get enough exposure that Spielberg or Del Toro will want you for a feature.

Ten overnights in undisclosed locations while traveling in some big old RV with a bunch of strangers to get there. That might be tricky. But all the equipment you could ever dream of using has been piled in it. Oh and confessionals, just like on MTV Road Rules, The Real World and even Survivor. And blogs? Yeah, you have to either write them or tweet about it. Using company cellphones and one laptop? Yeah, none of your stuff gets to come with you. Sorry. We never promised you a haunted rose garden.

So, this is the story of seven strangers chosen to live in an RV, to work together and have their lives taped to find out what happens when when people stop being polite and start getting real… real scared.

Supernatural Road Warriors: A Chiller's Original

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